Will local demand be enough to develop the Argentinean technology sector?

Challenges in mining, energy, biotechnology and IT have been driving investments to develop research and innovation in the country, but it is still a relatively unknown business for broader markets.

Will technology be one of the most promising areas of growth in Chile?

Practical initiatives have appeared to attract further entrepreneurs, especially when it comes to start-ups. The country is developing attributes that are making the emerging markets attractive to outsourcers, such as cheap wages...

Can Mexico develop locally the technologies needed for its industry?

With several new companies being formed in Mexican technology parks, the government is motivated to continue promoting the industry and absorbing technological knowledge from Europe and USA. And attracting foreign investments is a mean...

Is Brazilian technology industry under-rated?

A surging number of technology parks have sprung up across the country, with increasing contributions to the economy. The Brazilian government is injecting funds and energy into the sector to leverage science and innovation.

Will technology be one of the responsible industries for sustaining regional growth?

Latin American technology market conditions suggest it will be a fertile ground for development. What is certain is that the technology industry is always shifting and Latin America is beginning to catch up.