Will mining industry continue to sustain economys expansion?

Social conflicts in Peru may change the way mining companies operate in the country. Being ahead on current changes may be decisive to maintain leadership positions.

Will one single commodity continue to make the difference?

Chiles mining strength is based on a single commodity: copper. And it should continue to rely on copper production, mainly due to a large pipeline of projects and current global dominance.

How can Brazils full potential be unlocked, considering it is still under-explored?

It is able to become one of the biggest recipients of exploration capital in the world and companies have to be up to date with market profile to leverage themselves with key opportunities.

Will mining sector continue booming over the next decade?

The share of similar geological units with Chile is an indicator that mining activity in Argentina can achieve similar development. But it is necessary to comprehend all of the factors that can influence mining industry in the country.

Why is Latin America attracting one fourth of global mining expenditure?

Mineral wealth and economic reforms are among the factors for such attractiveness. To participate in the enormous opportunities, companies need to understand how to take part in this expanding market.