Energy & Utilities


Is the energy sector stealing Colombian scene?

It has the largest coal reserve in South America and coal output is expected to increase over the coming years, as well as the oil sector, surpassing 1 million barrels per day. Colombia has seen impressive levels of growth and this trend...

Will petroleum and water continue to lead the way?

Subsalt oil offshore should increase crude production and Brazil should also continue to prove its commitment to renewable energy. Apart from having a dominant estate oil company, Brazil is filled with potential for growth.

Will shale natural gas revitalize the energy sector?

South Americas largest natural gas producer, Argentina may possess one of the worlds largest endowments of shale gas, becoming a focus of efforts to reverse recent decline in energy sector.

Is Latin America under-rated?

It has some of the largest oil and gas reserves in the world and a challenge of finding the balance of resources to provide energy security and meet growing demand. Expanding energy sector brings several opportunities only for companies...