Support structure

Support Structure

In MSCommodin inCharge we think of everything needed to successfully meet the objectives of our clients as efficiently and as quickly as possible.
For that reason we designed a structure and a team that is able to meet all the needs and challenges that present an expansion project on the way.

Business team with international experience

Our team is specialized in the art of negotiation, one of the keys of our success. Not only training, but also the experiences in the markets where we operate, make up our advantage. From there we design strategies for buying or selling based on the requirements of each customer. Our business team is integrated by professionals with great experience in sales and purchase, and has already established client relationships with the key customers of every Latin American country.

International Market Analysts

Our team of international market analysts is integrated by professionals with experience as researchers, consultants, and international analysts. The knowledge of market trends and moves, the international vision and careful analyses of our professionals, transform cold data in powerful tools for decision-making, which are fundamental for the creation of strategic action plans. The strategic cooperation with the MSCommodin Group's consulting division gives us access to databases with key market information (prices, realized purchases, competition, tax, tariff preferences, etc).

Marketing and Communication Department

"A picture is worth a thousand words" / "First impressions are everything" are two proven truths. That’s why we have our marketing and communication department which is responsible, together with the other departments, for the design and implementation of the communicational concepts of our clients, adapting different strategies according to the needs of each organization. We specialize in corporate image and communication as well as in the creation of new brands.

In cases in which our clients have their own communication department, we work together, as a local advisor, providing everything we know based on our knowledge and experience of the mentality and the local mode.

Administrative Support Department

Thanks to our administrative support department, we get those tasks which are often tedious and heavy, precisely and successfully done, such as the management of customer information, the collection and delivery of documents, dealing with public agencies from different countries, etc. Our administrative professionals take care of those processes which often end up complicating and delaying the closure of contracts, and are like this another step in the natural process of project development. This allows us, in addition to saving time, to save material resources and energy to concentrate them on other tasks.