Our people

Our People

Suárez Häfele Consulting Co., is integrated by people with true service vocation, who enjoy truly supporting and have great enthusiasm for changes, transformations, new practices and above all for results that transcend organizations, and make the world a better place for all. 

A company dedicated to provide services sets the course and makes the difference when its people have true calling for support and improvement. That?s why we focus in Suárez Häfele Consulting Co. to gather professionals from around the world, with different cultures and backgrounds - that make our vision broader - but with the same passion for service.

This characteristic is what makes us enjoy solving problems no matter how difficult they are, face old paradigms, generate new ideas, and transform the difficulties of challenges into new opportunities for change and transformation.

We truly engage with the realities and problems of the companies that call us. We think and create holistic solutions that generate benefit primarily for the people in the organizations, thereby influencing their environment.

Our greatest satisfaction, in addition to the recognition and appreciation of our clients, is the long-term relationships with them, starting from our work together, creating friendships that are also part of our culture.